Become a Heritage Tile Preferred Partner

As a professional directly involved in the design of tile projects with the ability to showcase samples in your showroom or studio,  we recognize the importance of meeting the unique design needs of your clients with exceptional quality.  Heritage Tile’s Preferred Partner Program represents a one-stop-shop for all your clients’ tile solutions. From a modest backsplash in a traditional home to the expansive, historic walls of New York City’s subway stations.  Your clients, like ours, seek outstanding service, authenticity, and craftsmanship in every detail of their projects. They understand the value of design excellence in creating a truly holistic home.

At Heritage Tile, we specialize in enabling design professionals to provide their clients with optimal surface solutions in ceramic tile and stone. Our exclusive tile collections, curated from artisans worldwide, are stocked in our central operations center and supported by a dedicated customer support team. 

Why become a Heritage Tile Preferred Partner?

With the Heritage Tile Preferred Partner Program, you will enjoy:

 A Comprehensive Set of Solutions           

  • Guide your customer through the decision tree based on their home style to narrow their choices and save time
  • Present your customer with a carefully curated selection of high-quality, authentic, and traditional, tile collections based on their home style in a variety of materials and colors

 Predictability & Availability         

  • Confidently set customer expectations on tile quality and lead times and avoid surprises associated with unfamiliar products
  • Verify stock quantities and request quotes with shipping with us any time
  • Order and have samples shipped within 24 hours

 Control Over Materials 

  • Guiding your clients’ choices ensures that quality is in alignment with that of your overall solution

Promotional and Design Support              

  • Digital brochures, design guides, price guides, sample cards
  • Design libraries – for 3D modeling
  • Illustrator files & palettes for custom mosaic design (coming soon)

 Enhanced Customer Relationship             

  • Maintain ownership of your customer by handling all the elements of tile design yourself
  • Add value and save time by offering in-house tile solutions that work perfectly and remove a common source of stress

 A Competitive Edge           

  • Preferential pricing on all products offered
  • Easily add all the above value-adds to your solution at no additional cost

Please note that a 15-30 minute online meeting is required as part of the application process to become a Heritage Tile Preferred Partner. You will be contacted for available times after your submission is received.