Miyabi Series

Wabi-Sabi In Tile

Experience the essence of Wabi-Sabi with Miyabi Porcelain Tiles, where thick rustic glazes meet torn edges and organically distressed surfaces. Embrace the beauty of imperfection through natural hues and harmonious textures, creating spaces of serene tranquility inspired by Japanese design principles.

Remarkably Rustic

Delight your senses of sight and touch with lush and exuberant glazes.

Cleverly Crafted

Featuring thick stone-like glazes and a physically torn edge detail using novel production techniques, Miyabi demonstrates a rare mastery of the tilemaker's craft.  

Extraordinarily Unique

Manifest an authentic Wabi-Sabi aesthetic into your next project with the Miyabi series.

Five Versatile Formats

33mm x 235mm textured glazed dome liner

115mm x 115mm textured glazed field tile with torn edge

30 mm x 60 mm textured glazed field tile with straight edge - offset pattern

227mm x 60mm rectangular textured glazed field tile

55mm x 55mm textured glazed field tile with torn edge

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