Henro Series

A Cultural Tradition In Tile

The Henro series features deep, earthy tones and design motifs inspired by traditional crafts, awakening the senses and complimenting natural materials in both classic and contemporary designs. This unglazed porcelain mosaic, a Heritage Tile exclusive, is an ideal choice for wet areas such as spas and baths. 

Graceful & Timeless

Embrace the inner meanings of Japanese patterns, or Wagara.  For instance, this weave lattice is called Kagome, representing woven bamboo and the timeless tradition of basketery.

Stylish & Adaptable

Consider introducing the classic hex weave pattern into your next project.  Select a subtle one-color option or a striking two-color configuration.  

Practical & Durable

Rest assured that your choice of a Henro series floor mosaic will perform exceptionally well in the most demanding applications and environments. 

Experience Henro Today

Select from a wide variety of in-stock product available for immediate shipment. 

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Five Enduring Patterns

Weave lattice unglazed mosaic field - 2 color pattern

Weave lattice unglazed mosaic field - 1 color pattern

Hex unglazed mosaic field - 1 color pattern

Herringbone unglazed mosaic field - 1 color pattern

Cube lattice unglazed mosaic field - 3 color pattern

Basketweave unglazed mosaic field - made-to-order

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