Additional Zen+Clay Solutions

Our Growing Portfolio

Heritage Tile is committed to representing the exceptional craftsmanship and cultural traditions in an ever growing portfolio of architectural ceramics from Japan.  Discover these additional series in our Zen+Clay collection.


Geometric patterns reinterpreting elements of nature or forms from everyday life have been central to the Japanese aesthetic.  Yotsume reflects a traditional pattern demonstrating the artistic ability to express form to a degree of extreme purity.


Hanakago is the traditional art of weaving bamboo to create elaborate, sculptural flower baskets. The texture on the surface of the tile reflects this aesthetic. The pillowed porcelain body allows the glaze to pool, resulting in unique variation and depth of color.


Literally meaning textile in Japanese, Orimono evokes the rustic elegance and delicate textures of woven tatami mats and traditional fabrics. Elegant to suit any style.


In meditative Zen gardens, meaning is conveyed through Hokime, the artform of raking sand to mimic ocean waves which is conveyed in these concave surfaces.


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